Oncology Massage

Oncology Massage is a gentle, safe, and effective massage technique that is comforting and nurturing for anyone with Cancer, a history of Cancer or, in a fragile state of health. It safely addresses the needs of a cancer patient, with specialised therapists who understand the science, pay close attention to the physical, emotional, and psychological needs of the client during diagnosis, treatment, recovery, survivorship or palliative care.

Why Oncology Massage:

Research has shown Oncology Massage may improve the quality of life for people with a history or diagnosis of cancer. It can assist in reducing the side effects experienced from conventional treatment of Cancer and with the symptoms associated with the disease process itself.

  • Pain improved* 47%
  • Fatigue improved* 42%
  • Anxiety improved* 59%.
  • Nausea improved* 51%
  • Depression improved* 48%
  • Other (including shortness of breath, memory problems, dry mouth, or disturbed sleep) improved 48%

Frequently Asked Questions:

Can you have an Oncology Massage whilst undergoing chemotherapy?
Yes, Oncology Massage can assist in managing side effects resulting from chemotherapy.

Can you have an Oncology Massage whilst undergoing radiation?
Yes, however, during the time of radiation and period afterward, there will be no direct contact with the radiated site.

Why do we avoid the radiated area?

  • To prevent the skin's integrity.
  • To avoid creating unnecessary barriers that can affect the radiated area.
  • Radiation has a cumulative effect, meaning it continues working even when all rounds are completed.